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Forum index -   Wanna buy: demo rode 2005 today, contemplating 2007-questions about 2
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No Multistrada


Joined: 19 Jan 2009
Posts: 4
Location: USA OH

PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 11:49 pm Reply with quote

demo road a 2005 today. have sat on the "new" 2007 i am interested in, in showroom. I swear it seemed like they felt different but specs don't seem to say so on ergos. the 05 seemed taller as I was up higher on my feet at stops and it seemed like a little more forward lean. Any ideas why?

Ride impression-unfortunately only 8 miles. coming to MTS from bigger touring bikes the lightweight flywheel was noticeable. While immediate throttle and power though so was engine braking (much attributed to poor/old riding skills). I was still snatchy on/off throttle. While I was seeking lighter weight, this bike is incredibly light causing me to wonder about being blown about by wind. wondered how this would affect 2 up balance/stability. I loved the quick response and was duly impressed with the cold protection for such a little fairing. Was a noisy little engine though. seemed like a lot of valve clatter as the revs rose, and more vibration than I thought an L-twin would have. do you think the 1100 engine is much different? how about seat, because the 05 seemed slick, hard. passenger pillion seemed close too.

overall, fast bike and would take time to grow into. could be very fun. not sure about it though as i started this quest just looking for lighter weight, decent power, that could be ridden fast or slow, with upright seating and some wind/weather protection. I may be more torque oriented than hp. I have still given thought to f800gs or even the budget bike KLR (i know, i know- but the old saying about slow bike fast/fast bike slow).

Maybe I need to take her out again on different route.

your thoughts/comments appreciated

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MTS: 08 1100 (Red)


Joined: 10 Oct 2008
Posts: 2491
Location: Sydney, Australia

PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:01 am Reply with quote


From much of what you are saying it almost sounds like it may not be the bike for you, perhaps why you did not get quick replies.

The MTS will tour, and do it well as many on this forum will testify, but it aint no supertourer that will protect you from all the elements including engine feel.

What it is in my opinion, a hoolagan machine that is capable of commuting and touring, while keeping you in touch with that lovley engine and the environment, Did i say hoolagan? cos' that's the best bit, if you really feel like a bit of fun in the twisties it will shine with no shame Smile

But again if you like being pampered and have no time for Italian temperment, this may not be the bike for you.

I bought and would recommend the latest 1100, and if money is no object get the "S" model, and there's plent of couples two-up on these machines, seat options are out there for the taking, plenty of good folks here only too willing to give advice and opinions on variaty of accessories that work.



YA gunna ride, then do it on a L twin, just as the doctor ordered (Dr Tag-L-ioni that is)

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