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Forum index -   Wanna buy: About to buy a Multi and here is a penny for your thoughts.
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Joined: 26 Feb 2016
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:49 pm Reply with quote


Hey guys!

Hi.. ok im interested in buying a Multistrada, yep that one with the ugly face and body like heaven Laughing . Long Story short: I used to ride a Monster until i got mugged by some bad guys some time ago. Ive never ride a Multi on regular basis before but i think its perfect, its a sport bike -that feels amazing- with touring capabilities to ride comfortably with a beautiful woman on my back. So as i said before i think its a nice choice ..honestly can't wait no more to feel the wind again.

Now, in my country there are not much to choose from, the multi was not a best seller bike, and yeah you can find some options for the states but they are usually "salvage" and who knows about the actual state of the bike.

Would really appreciate your opinion about my options please.

-Multistrada 03, Gray, Corbin Seat, panniers, Duc top case, -half- system Arrow ( i know, right its weird but it is what it is mate), national W/papers ok, no drops or crashes, second owner, 3keys, the actual owner is member of the Ducati Owners Club (as myself) and everyone that knows the guy recommends him and his bike. Oh and he will introduce me to his mechanic who happened to be a Ducati specialized dude. Change of oil and filters 2 times a year. The downside? its an 03 and the LCD display just lost some of its lines, and as far as i know sometimes it can get worse and theres no way to fix it right? -not a cheap way-

KM. 38500 (23922 Miles)

THIS IS KINDA HOW THE LCD LOOKS (is there a way to fix this?)

-Multistrada 04, Gray, tank bag -not Duc-, semi rigid "tail bag?" -not Duc-, no drops or crashes, full system arrow, open clutch cover, LCD ok, national, papers not perfect (has a little debt with gov taxes but the owner says he will drop the price once we know how much its needed to pay), second owner (he has a Ktm and planning to buy a BMW) Downsides? no RED key, that thing with the gov debt and Stock seat with some details.

KM. 26000 (16155 Miles)

-Multistrada S 06. I have not ridden this one cause its in another state but just looks amazing, Black, Ohlins, -gray- panniers, top case (i believe it has 2 of those included), stock pipes, national papers ok, its offered by a dealer (car agency), i think LCD is ok. Downside? Expensive. I may be needing a loan to buy this one.

KM. 40000 (24854 MILES)

-Multistrada S 05, Red (awesome color), stock seat, stock pipes, ugly clutch cover painted in red, tall black wind shield, imported (cheaper), need some paper work and payments, LCD ok, red key. Downsides? its "Salvage" and has 40k miles on it (fuck mate. Shocked ) i have an appointment to see this baby this weekend.

Its a lotta miles.

Price. 4728USD
MILES. 40000

So, what do you guys think? i really appreciate this.

Oh! its worth to mention that all the prices are not the last prices.

Thanks in advance.
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