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Here are the part numbers for the electrical connector for the heated grips. From member luckybum,

you can order connectors on line from You'll need the following:

(1) mouser p/n 571-2821051 connector body

(3) mouser p/n 571-2819342 single wire seal

(3) mouser p/n 571-2821091 wire connector

You'll only use 2 positions but it's best to seal the third position with an unused wire.

Added by sproggy:

For people in the UK/Europe the required parts can be obtained from Vehicle Wiring Products -

Search for 'Superseal Weatherproof Connectors'. You need the 3-way version which costs (May 2015) 3.93 + VAT. This is for a full plug/socket set although of course you need only half of the set.

One stop shopping in the USA:

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