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Ducati OEM relays are Tyco V23073, common on many motorcycles but also known to fail.

The Tyco V23073 appears to be what is well known as the 'Bosch' type relay and has the 85, 86, 87, 30 pins that are normal on Bosh relays.

replacements are: Bosch 0 322 207 307


CarQuest RY620

BorgWarner R3223

MOPAR 56006846

or MotraTech MGR-C20S

The MGR-C20S relays are supposed to be superior to the others, including a resistor to eliminate a voltage spike after the relay is no longer energized.

Supplier for 4 or 5 pin sealed micro relays

Bitron 46520411 232006

BWD R3223 (Advance Auto in the US carries these in stock) -

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