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Multistrada fender extender
Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 9:42 pm by shovelhead
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This site is administered by Jantah, a Dutch Ducati and Multistrada enthusiast:
"I felt very strongly that a website like this should exist, and since I could not find one, I decided to create one myself. The site started on april 15, 2003. Contact me at webmaster@multistrada.net, or if you are a registered member, you can send me a private message."

The looks of the site are inspired by the Ducati Multistrada clothing line. There are some other hints to the bike, like the pannier shaped windows, and the buttons, which are are modelled after the Multistrada dashboard.
A lot of time was spent in order to create something unique, so it's not allowed to use any element for other sites. If you want to use parts of our looks, contact the webmaster, and we'll try to find a way to make it work for you.

A big "thank you"
This site would never have been possible without two incredible pieces of open source software:

phpBB logo The base for everything is the well known phpBB forum software. It is used for the forums and for user authentication. Some modifications have been made to the software to make the site truely HTML 4.01 Transitional and to improve integration with the rest of the site.
mxBB-Portal logo Around the forum, a couple of modules from mxBB-Portal (formerly known as MX-System) are installed. Basically, everything except the forum is from mxBB-Portal. Most modules have been tweaked a bit to suit our needs and to make the site HTML 4.01 Transitional. The "dashboard" module showing new items since the last visit is a Multistrada.net development.

Copyright notice
This site does not publish copyrighted material on purpose. If you feel that we've used something that is copyrighted by you, contact us and we'll remove the material or mention the source.

Interoperable Web page
We have taken the care to create an interoperable Web page that should display correctly regardless of the operating system or browser that you are using. We are proud to be allowed to display the W3C "Valid 4.01 HTML" and "Valid CSS" icons. Valid HTML 4.01! Valid CSS!